Article: According to astrology, is it good luck to keep rabbit at home ?

Astrologer Nagarajan.S

According to Astrology and Hindu myth/beliefs in India, the Rabbit is associated with the Planet Moon and Rabbit both are considered to be very powerful spiritual symbols. The Moon itself and Rabbit totem, are associated with the fertility of the women at the home, prosperity, high emotions, and spiritual insight, as well as mothering instincts. and the ability to nurture. Therefore, having a rabbit at home as a pet would be a fabulous choice for any household with people who are spiritual, creating, nurturing, and the powerful bunny energy will heighten its existing potential here.

According to Vasthu Astrology, keeping Rabbits, Cat or Birds like Parrot, pigeons, or any other birds will enhance the positivity in the South East side of the house or Flat, also ensure the health of the female members of the family and bring home prosperity, abudance and fortune. Rabbits are probably the most sensitive and easily frightened animals of all. So, it must handle very smoothly while making a pet at home.

Rabbit can be charming, affectionate, and interactive. Also, Rabbits are very sensitive and they need a lot of attention and love. As keeping a Rabbit at home there is a possibility of curing the diseases related to Thyroids and throat related diseases. It also removes the negative energy. If the women are not having progeny or suffering from infertility can keep the Rabbit in their house, there is a bright chance of getting fertility soon.

Apart from this, a person keeping a Rabbit in his or her house can also gain wealth. According to Easter legend, a Rabbit is a good luck charm as it will bring life on earth. it is believed to lay, decorate and hide easter eggs are a symbol of new life. According to chineese Astrology and their culture, Rabbits especially white color fur (hair) are considered as the sign of longevity of the persons are keeping them. It is also known as the embodiment of cleverness and it is one of the Chinese Zodiac signs.

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