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FAQ for users

Who are the listed astrologers ?

GoAstrologer is a online platform for astrological advice. The listed astrologers have joined to help you answer any astrological queries.

How much time does this take ?

Once you have successfully placed an order, one of our astrologers will answer your question within the specified time limit - 48 hours.

What kind of questions can I ask ?

Please be as specific as possible. Include all details - however mundane. Please avoid questions that are unclear or overly broad. Please avoid multiple questions in a single order.

When do I pay ?

You pay after receiving the answer. The astrologer will submit the answer and you can read it by paying the fees.

I successfully made a payment but still can't read the answer.

Please be patient. There are times when the payment processor does not inform the website about the payment. We will look into it and fix the issue in a couple of hours. Please feel free to contact us.

Can I edit/update the question after I submitted it ?

Yes you can update it by contacting us. If the astrologer has answered the question already, you cannot make any edits.
In some cases when the astrologer needs more information, you will be allowed to edit the question by clicking on the "Edit question" button.

I do not have a credit card / bank account. How do I pay ?

Please contact us and we will work something out. You can also invite friends and win a free answer.

Can the astrologer see my email / phone no ?

No. The astrologer can only see your name, question and birth details only. Your email and phone no. are hidden for your privacy. You are strongly urged to not leave any personal contact information in the question field.

Why was my order cancelled ?

Orders can be cancelled for various reasons. 1) Unclear question 2) Astrologer objection 3) Heavy volume 4) Existing unpaid orders Please try to submit your order again.

Can I specify my astrologer ?

Yes, but note that this may or may not be honored. Certain astrologers may not be available to answer in the timespan, so it is hard to promise that a certain astrologer will answer.

Can I leave a review/rating for the astrologer ?

Yes. You will be sent a URL to the anwer where you can add a review and rating. If you do not leave a review within 7 days - the form will be disabled. Read more

What happens if I dont pay for an answer ?

You certainly have the option to not pay. Note however that we track the conversion rate (questions paid for) for each user and pay the astrologer based on that. If you leave enough number of questions unanswered, the fees to astrologers will drop so low that no one might be willing to answer your questions.

I am not satisfied with the reply. Can I get a refund ?

You also have the choice to get another astrologer to reply to the question FREE of cost. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund you the money.

I am really depressed. Should I use this site ?

Astrology is not a replacement for a good therapist or modern medicine. If you are having seriously negative thoughts, please call this 24x7 helpline at 022-27546669