Active coupons

GoAstrologer issues coupons which can be used get a discount on the fees payable. Here is how to use these coupons.

Coupon Discount Remarks
GABDAY ₹100 Valid only if used on users birthday. For example if you are born on 15-Feb, you can use this coupon on 15-Feb, 16-Feb and 17-Feb. Valid once per birthday.
GAHAPPY ₹20 Valid on questions asked between 12am to 6am IST only. Can only be applied immediately after asking question.
GAFOUR ₹25 Coupon for the fourth birthday of GoAstrologer. Valid from 13-Apr-2020 to 15-Apr-2020
GAMOTHER ₹25 Coupon for Mother's day. Valid from 10-May-2020 to 11-May-2020.
GAYOGA ₹20 Coupon to celebrate Yoga day. Valid on 21-Jun-2020
GACAPSLOCK ₹10 Coupon to celebrate Caps lock day. Valid on 28-Jun-2020
GADOCTOR ₹20 Coupon to celebrate Doctor's day. Valid on 01-Jul-2020

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