How to use a coupon

We issue coupons for getting discounts or free readings.

To use this feature, ask a new question, click on "Options" link, then click on Apply coupon button.


Enter the coupon in the dialog that appears and click on OK.


This will activate the coupon to the question and apply the discount.

Note that coupon codes are all capitals and are of the following formats.

Coupon type Single or multi use Remarks
GASTxxxx Single Single use coupon
GAOTxxxx Single Old style single use coupon
AFxxxxxx Multiple Affiliate type coupon
GAxxxxxx (other formats) Multiple Coupons issued for special occasions

Coupons have an expiry date. Please try to use them within 30 days of being issued.

If the coupon is successful, the newly computed fees will be shown. Otherwise, you will get an error message.

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