FAQ for astrologers

How do I join ?

Please click the "Join the team" link on the Homepage and follow instructions.

Do I have to pay anything to join ?

No, joining and registering is free.

What are the requirements to join ?

You need to be a professionally trained astrologer. You will be given a small quiz after registration to check your astrology knowledge. Once you pass that you are free to answer questions.

How do I answer questions ?

Visit the dashboard, and then check the public questions and submit answers.

How long does the answer need to be ?

The word count is mentioned next to each question. It varies between 50-200 words.

Why does pasting text not work ?

To ensure astrologers write original readings, pasting text is blocked. You can only paste small words or snippets (under 30 chars). Longer texts will be blocked. You can instead use text snippets for reusable text.

Can I add my contact information in the answer/bio ?

No you cannot. Any such information (phone/email) will be edited out. The privacy of the users is paramount, and such information can compromise that. Any website url will be automatically filtered out. Repeated attempts to add contact info might lead to suspension of the account.

Are followup queries allowed ?

If the followup questions are DIRECTLY related to the original question, they will be allowed. There will be no extra fees. Note if the astrologer declines to address this, the user can possibly give the astrologer a bad review. In rare cases other questions will be blocked till the astrologer addresses the followup question.

When does the user pay ?

The user pays after receiving the answer. Only partial parts of the answer are shown to the user. The blacked out parts are revealed only after the payment is made. Note that the astrologer is paid the fees irrespective of whether the user pays or not.

Which language should I answer in ?

Please try using the same language of the question. Answers might be edited for spelling and grammar corrections.

How much money can I make ?

Every question has a fee listed next to it. The fees varies with certain factors, so you might want to check at various intervals. Apart from the question fees, you can also earn streak bonus, contribution bonus, Amazon affiliate commission and GoAstrologer affiliate commission.

What are public questions ?

Public questions are questions that can be seen by any astrologer.

What are direct questions ?

Direct questions are questions asked directly to a specific astrologer. For such questions a reminder is sent out to the astrologer via email. If the question is not taken up within 3 hours, it expires / or is resubmitted to the public questions.

Why do some questions have the phrase "Article:" next to them ?

Some answers are used to create articles for the site. They might be edited and displayed publicly for all to view.

How do I get paid ?

You can withdraw your earnings once you reach your minimum withdrawal limit. Click on the "Earnings" link on your dashboard for more details.

Why am I not visible on the astrologers page ?

The astrologers page promotes active astrologers. So if you have not logged in to your dashboard page lately, you might be slowly hidden from the astrologers page.

Why am I not getting credits for certain questions ?

You get credits for the following statuses - ANSWERED, REVIEWED. If you feel some question is wrongly marked, please contact us.

Why can't I set my fees ?

That option has been disabled. Since most users are using PAY-LATER as the default option, setting fees is no longer viable. Sorry for the inconveniece.

Why was my answer rejected ?

We reject very few answers (under 1%). Answers may be rejected for the following reasons. 1) Answer irrelevant to the question. 2) Adding personal contact details 3) Hostile or unfriendly tone. 4) Using multiple accounts for the same astrologer. 5) Plagiarism - more than 50% of the text 6) Inconsistent readings

How do i delete / disable my profile ?

You can disable your profile by clicking on "Disable profile" on the dashboard. You will stop receiving public questions and your profile will be hidden from view.

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