Public questions

What is a public question ?

Public question is a question that can be seen/answered by any astrologer.

Who can answer a public question ?

Any astrologer can answer the question on a first come first served basis. Some questions are reserved for veteran astrologers only.

Why don't I see any question on the dashboard ?

If all questions have been picked up by astrologers, you will see an empty dashboard. Please try again later and you will see some questions.

How much is the fees ?

The fees is listed next to each question. The fees depends on various factors, and could vary with time. If the question is not picked up by any astrologer, then it is cancelled.

How frequently is the fees updated ?

The fees is updated once every 15 minutes.

What happens if I don't answer a public question ?

Public questions are seen by all astrologers, so you can definitely skip questions that are that are not worth your time.

Why am I unable to save my answer ?

At times two or more astrologer attempt to answer the same question simultaneously. In that case only the first answer is accepted; and the Save button disabled.

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