Streak bonus

To thank astrologers who regularly visit we are now offering streak bonus.


When astrologers visit this site for at least 3 days in a row - they get credited with a bonus amount.

Sr. Milestone Bonus
1. 3 days ₹2
2. 7 days ₹5
3. 14 days ₹10
4. 28 days ₹25
5. Every 28th day after milestone no. 4 (for eg. 56 days, 84 days ..) ₹50

For example if the astrologer visits 22 days in a row before missing a day - she will earn ₹2 (3d) + ₹5 (7d) + ₹10 (14d) = ₹17 bonus. Since she did not reach 28 day streak she is not eligible for the ₹25 bonus.

If the astrologer visits 365 days in a row, she will make around ₹642 bonus in total.

If the astrologer misses a day, she can restart from 0 and start building streaks.

Bonuses are added to earnings and can be withdrawn with normal earnings. Right now only veteran astrologers are eligible for streak bonus.