Earn extra money by adding Amazon affiliate links.

To help astrologers earn extra money we have started allowing Amazon affiliate links in answers.

What are Amazon affiliate links ?

Amazon.in is one of the largest ecommerce websites in India. To promote their site, Amazon offers an affliate program where you can create your own links to various products. If a user clicks an affiliate link and then ends up buying the item, Amazon offers the marketer upto 12% of the sales price as commission.

Astrologers often recommend gemstones or rings or spiritual devices that help in relieving user problems. From now on the astrologer can directly add his own affiliate link to earn some extra money.

How to add links to answer

To begin join the affiliate program, provide all your details (Name, address, bank info etc) to Amazon.

If you wish to recommend a certain product to a user, use the affiliate search tool and search for a product - eg "Blue sapphire 4carat"


Click on the dropdown arrow next to the "Get link" and you will get the link creator dialog popup.


Click on the "Shorten URL with amzn.to" link for the short URL.


Then paste the link in your answer. GoAstrologer uses markdown to format answers. The easiest way to add a link is to wrap the link with < and > symbols. For example.


This will auto convert the link into clickable format. If the user clicks and buys the item, Amazon will directly credit you with upto 12% of the sales price.

You can track statistics of users who clicked and who paid on the Amazon dashboard itself.

How much extra can I earn ?

Note that these are illustrative values.

Amazon pays upto 12% of sales value. For jewellery items (like gemstones) it is normally 10%. As an illustration, if the astrologer has answered 100 questions and users have paid and read 25 of them, then here are some estimates.

Questions answerd 100
Users who paid to read answer 25
Users who clicked the affiliate link 10
Users who bought an item from Amzon 3
Sales price ₹2000 x 3 = ₹6000
Commission 10% of ₹6000 = ₹600

Please note these are illustrative values and the actual earnings can be higher or lower (or even zero) than shown. Also note that the earnings will be paid by Amazon.in directly based on sales made.


  • Only links to Amazon (amzn.to) are allowed for now.
  • You can add upto 2 links per answer.
  • The links can only be added towards the end of the answer. (not the beginning)
  • Please use gentle recommendation to the product links. If the tone is scaring or threatening the links will be removed.
  • Only veteran astrologers are permitted to add links.
  • The commission will be paid by Amazon.in directly.
  • All readings with such links will have a disclosure notice.

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