Text snippets

Sometimes astrologers need snippets of text that can be reused across multiple readings. Some common examples are be wishing luck to users, or remedies for common planets, or explaining astrological terms.

To help astrologer be more efficient, we are now introducing text snippets.


Snippets have 2 parts - snippet keywords and snippet values.

Snippet keywords begin with the @ character and can have alphabets or numbers or hyphen. For example @thank-you / @good-luck / @what-is-kalsarp-dosha / @remedies-for-saturn are all valid snippet keywords.

Snippet values are the values that will replace the keyword. In the example above the value is "Thank you and good luck."

Adding snippets

To add snippets, click "Text snippets" link from the "Actions" dropdown. You will get a form that allows you to add a keyword / value pair.


The snippets you add will be visible on the table below the form. You can now use the snippets by typing the keyword and the software will automatically replace it with the value.