Status Codes

Status Notes
PENDING Question waiting for a response. This is the default state for unanswered public questions
MODERATION Astrologer has answered question. Waiting for GoAstrologer to manually review the answer. Will be converted to "Answered" once that is done. Note that moderation can take upto 24 hours.
REJECTED Answer rejected by Goastrologer. Fees will NOT be credited to balance. Reasons can be 1) Answer irrelevant to the question. 2) Adding personal contact details 3) Hostile or unfriendly tone. 4) Copying reading. 5) Error with calculations. 6) Inconsistent readings
ANSWERED Astrologer has answered the question. Fees has been credited to balance.
REVIEWED User has reviewed the answer.

Note: If the the birth details are incomplete, astrologers are urged to use prashna kundali to give the reading.

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