Requesting for a specific astrologer

NOTE By default questions are public questions and get answered within 10-12 hours. If you specify astrologer(s) it could take much longer. Do not opt for this if you need a quick response.

Choosing an astrologer

When you ask a new question, you can click on "Options" link then "Choose astrologer" to specify an astrologer.


You can click the button and choose the astrologer for your question.

You can add multiple astrologers as well ("Options" then "Add astrologer") The first astrologer to arrive will then answer the question.

Astrologer reminders

Once a question has been successfully assigned, an automatic reminder is sent to the astrologer every 3 days.

Astrologer activity

As of Apr 2019, GoAstrologer has 1400 registered astrologers. The astrologers page is sorted by activity. The astrologers closer to the top are more active than the ones way down.

The astrologer profile page has a series of green / gray dots under the astrologer profile picture (or bio for mobile devices). This indicates astrologer activity over the last 14 days. In the image below, for example, the astrologer has visited last 3 days in a row.


Astrologer status

You can check the preferred astrologer status by checking the badges next to them. The badges will either say "Waiting" or "Skipped". If all your astrologers have "skipped" the question, you can either add more astrologers or delete the question.


Final thoughts

GoAstrologer is a self-serve platform that is designed to work with public questions. Questions to specific astrologers can take longer (days or weeks). Due of lack of staff, we are unable to provide support for questions to specific astrologers.