Article: Astrological reasons / remedies for male hair loss

by Astrologer Vishnuprasad Mallya

Good Hair increases your beauty whether he is a boy or a girl, so today we will see which are the planets who mainly plays a role of hair.


Sun, Jupiter,Saturn and Ascendant plays a important role in our chart If sun is placed in Ascendant then the chances of getting bald is increased. Or Saturn is Placed in Ascendant then the Hair fall starts in middle age if you do not take any precautions then you will get bald. Guru & moon increases cough in body and due to this the hair becomes weak, so along with this position is venus is involved then hair will become white in early age. if the navamsa falls in Aries, Leo or Scorpio then the chances of hairloss is more.


Now we will see how to overcome the problems

  1. Apply Sesame Oil (Til Oil) daily and keep atleast 1 hour gap after bathing.
  2. Put Triphala (Amla, Harad and Beheda) in a water in night soak them properly and in morning after draining use this water to clean your hair.
  3. Apply Sesame oil on your belly button at night & after taking your morning snacks eat some black sesame (Black Til) and drink some water and dont eat anything for 2 hours this will provide the required calcium to your body and it will make your hairs and teeth strong.
  4. Take Sunlight of atleast 15-20 minutes a day See to it that the oil what you are applying is Til Oil only otherwise if you use mixed oil which is available in loose form in market then you will loose your remaining hairs.

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