Article: Astrological remedies for long life of appliances - TV, fridge, washing machine etc

Astrologer Perminder Singh

Well, I today’s time no one will ever like to see the loss or wastage of hard earned money. Electric and electronic devices/ appliances are not only our assets but are of our daily use . We are much dependant upon them for almost all our daily routine and nothing is manual. In such a scenario, utmost care . Maintenance should be taken for them. These domestic appliances should be put to Proper service on or before due service date. List of appliances can be quite long and limited to two or three. All need not mentioned here. Coming to astrologically fourth house comes in picture , these being of domestic use. Next comes the sixth house being daily routine job. Coming to planets, we find that electric electronic come under control of none else but Saturn and rahu. As most of them involved motion( electric motor), Mars comes in automatically. Mars rules over movements in our body also as significator of muscular system. Tool of Remote , the accessory set of certain appliances is purely ruled by Rahu. Rahu is an operating system. Some of the appliances having screen display involve Venus as photo/ image is under preview of Venus. With this Astrological background we can arrive at the conclusion that for masses in general Saturn and Rahu should be checked from time to time. Individually , fourth house and sixth house should be checked. Interestingly , Mars is natural significator of sixth house. Experience tells that if Mars is given proprietary measures, it not only improve Mars, but Rahu and Saturn are automatically controlled for malefic influence.There are various types of remedial measures for the lord of these captioned houses and planets but two are too easy and almost cost free. One is to respect poor, differently abled, help them time to time. Donate things related to captioned planets say whole urd daal( pulse), seasome oil etc. Putting some pieces of metal Lead in to running water, river etc. Thirdly to recite the Stotras / mantras of these lords/ planets. Stotras do not require any special instructions where as mantras should be performed as per specific instructions with accuracy in their pronunciation. Hope it helps.

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