Article: Astrological remedies for NRIs to settle back in India

Astrologer Perminder Singh

Very good article. As this is a general question for masses so astrological remedies for masses will be discussed. As they were out and away from mother land primarily for sustaining livelihood and later decided to settle over there so naturally remedies for motherland and liveihood will help a lot. General planets connected to these two points should be strengthened to reduce any sort of stress in resettling . Three important significator planets are Moon, Sun and Mars to help any native to be successful in his entrepreneurship or mission.

Moon: Moon gives mental acumen. Remedies include wearing of pearl gem stone ( provided moon is lord of auspicious house in horoscope), doing Abhishek of Lord Shiva with milk mixed water, donating articles related to moon say rice, sugar, milk, kheer silver, white cloth, wearing of white clothes and all accessories in white colour particularly on Monday, fasting on Monday.

Sun: Strengthening of Sun helps getting support from government. Wearing Ruby, red cloth on Sunday, fasting on Sunday, reciting Shri Gyatri Mantra daily morning, donating wheat, copper, jaggery, pure ghee etc.

Mars: Signifies energy and ambition level and capacity to face tough situation and to win over it. Remedies include fasting on Tuesday, reciting Shri Hanuman Chalisa, Shri Bajrang Baan, visiting Shri Hanuman Mandir on Tuesday, donating articles related to Mars say Jaggery, whole grains of Mansoor daal, fasting on Tuesdays.

Thus with having first aforesaid gathered and protected from mental agony one can further go to get support of planets related to entrepreneurship/ business/ finance. These are ruled by Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury controls all the communication , marketing,and tradings. Jupiter rules helps from bankers. Best remedy for both is recitation of Shri Vishnusahastranama daily. Respecting teachers and elders. Fasting on Wednesday . Donating gram pulse every Thursday and offering water to a banana tree Thursday morning.

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