Article: Astrological remedies for stopping mistreatment by mother-in-law / father-in-law.

Astrologer Dr. Anshumali Tiwari

Astrology is the science which makes the life easy by solving the every major-minor human sufferings. Astrology provides solutions to every physical, physiological, economical and spiritual problem which proves to be an obstacle in prosperous and peaceful life.

In our society we come across many instances where mistreatment by in-laws. In most joint-families, especially in India, a newly married woman finds it difficult to adjust in the new surroundings. There is a strong likelihood of differences of opinions as many heads resides under the same roof. There are also likely to be chances of harassment due to dowry related issues. In all such cases, in most Indian joint-families, it is usually the Father or Mother-in Law or both, have the last word, especially in matters of joint-finances or family-business.

In kundi, mother in law and father in law has separate place. 10th house and 4th house from native 7th house indicate the in laws nature,behavior, harmony and relationship between native and his in laws. Since ages, the relationship between native to his/her in laws, the arising questions is how to maintain the relationship with each other.

There are many families which separates due to conflicts between wife and in-laws. Pitri Dosh is one of the prominent reasons for such conflicts. Mangal dosh in girl’s birth chart signify disagreement with her in-laws. Weak Ketu in the birth chart increase the doubts, distrust and complaints which distroy harmony between each other.

If Rahu affects main planet and Moon then person criticize others and also taunt to each other. If main planet and first place of birth chart is weak then lack of combination between the native and in-laws is prominent. always disrespect her mother-in-law. If twelfth place of mother-in- law’s is affected by Rahu and Mars then she has to face legal issues.

Strong Moon and second place of birth chart gives good relations with in-laws. In girl's birth chart where seventh place is strong or the lord of tenth place is strong, good and healthy relations with her in-laws is predicted. In the light of Palmistry, if marriage line moves towards heart line then girl would have problem at their husband’s home or with her in-laws. If there are such line starting from Mountain of Moon and stops on Manibhandh then also girl have problem with her in-laws. If Jupiter finger is downward and Mountain of Mercury is near to Sun then also she has to face problem. If there are many lines on Mountain of Venus, and if Mars comes on Moon and Mountain of Moon is downward then girl does not get happiness. Astrological Remedies for better relations with the in-laws are to be followed after detailed analysis individual birth chart.

However the following can be the probable remedies-

  1. chant Adityahridaya Stotra
  2. chant Naag Gayatri mantra
  3. arrange puja for individual graha shanti, if required.
  4. arrange for Rudrabhishek or Mahamritunjay puja as required.
  5. plant Tulsi at home and worship it daily.
  6. establish Sri Yantra at home.
  7. wear gemstone as required.
  8. seek Vastu solutions if required

Thank you.

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