Article: Astrological remedies for wedding to go smoothly

Astrologer Rishabh Tiwari

One of the most essential part of our life is marriage. Some of the people enjoy marriage to go smoothly and have a blessed and happy married life. Our planetary placements really makes our life blessed or troubled in terms of getting marriage proposals or a marriage happen smoothly without any glitch and even to have a great journey with our life partner. It all depends on the placement of our 7th house lord and placement or any planet or conjunction in 7th house. To avoid any such block or hurdles in our marriage we need to make our 7th lord strong and try to nullify the aspects of any malefic on our 7th house or 7th lord. For that such of a situation we can do few remedies that will surely help to overcome any such hurdles. Few of the placement causes problems in married life like. The placement of 6th, 8th and the 12th lord in the 7th house causes lot of issues and troubles in marriage to happen successfully and after marriage Mangal Dosh also plays vital role in ruining fruits of good marriage. Remedies can be performed like understand the lordship and power of 7th house. Planet related remedies and remedies of Jupiter will be helpful and a saviour in any situation. The Nakshatra lord of the 7th house lord in form of image can be worshipped by the person to have no worries in getting married. Opal stone will improve the Venus effects in our chart and surely give relationship success. This therapy is also known as Venus therapy. During the savaan month lord shiva and parvati can be worshipped and panchamrit can be offered to shivlinga every Monday to have smooth wedding and we can also paste a poster of Shiva and Parvati in your room to have their blessings.

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