Article: Astrological remedies for your resume to get noticed by employers

Astrologer Perminder Singh

Definitely, a good helping tool for applicants/ candidates . The employment scenario, like many other things, has changed with time and many more types of innovative ideas are opening doors of different opportunities for employment. This innovation is generally ruled by Rahu. Resume is our first communication and till we get the employment, the position of employer, astrologically is that off a opposite party. This position is ruled by seventh house. As soon as we get the employment, position changes and they are ruled by tenth house. The communication is ruled by Mercury.So just for getting the interview call we need to have favourable seventh house, mercury, Rahu and Sun. This is the generally accepted fundamental. Some variation may be observed depending upon the lordship of mercury and Sun.Coming to remedial measures these include: #. Respecting parents as they are embodiment of Sun and Moon.

: Having a feel of respect for teachers always where ever they are irrespective of no association with them as on date.

: Doing / keeping continue the worship of family deity as per practice in family.

: Reciting Shri Gyatri Mantra daily morning for 108 times.

: Feeding cow with jaggery during sunlight time/ day time.

: After morning bath, offering water to lord Sun.

: Recitation of Shri Hanuman Chalisa regularly morning and evening for removing the obstacles. We may recite Shri Bajrang Baan.

: Shri Durga Saptshati,the universally accepted Granth contains in its very beginning, a collection of selected seven mantras known as Shri Sapta Shaloki Durga. We should daily recite its last seventh mantra only for 108 times in front of photo of Maa Durga and pure desi ghee Diya. Only last seventh mantra is to be recited out of seven. This is available on YouTube and Google also.

: Donating whole grains of moong daal in some quantity on Wednesday ( day time).

: Followers of Sikhism, may recite Shri Sukhmani Sahib Ji.

: Jain followers may recite Navanh mantra for 108 times.

: Follower of Holy Quran, to recite Aayat .

These are in general for all and hope it helps.

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