Article: Astrological remedies if a loved one goes missing

Astrologer Perminder Singh

About twenty years ago or so there were frequent incidences of kids missing particularly near their birth day. Varshaphal system of Astrology and prediction helps a lot as Muntha there becomes very important and remedies were suggested according to its situation. Same when combined with transit effects and dasa sequence may need different remedies from case to case and also on the basis of faith / religion/ community etc. However mention of certain universal remedies can be made as under. 1. Recitation of Kartaveera Arjuna mantra. Story of Kartaveera need not be narrated here. 2. Recitation of Shri Hanuman Chalisa for 108 times in front of photo of Shri Hanuman Ji. 3. Recitation of Shri Sundar kand from Shri Ramcharitmanas in front of photo of Shri Hanuman Ji. Shri Hanuman Ji is considered as messanger in such difficult situation and these remedies done with dedicated spirit/ feel pleases him and some way location of missing person got traced. 4. Recitation of selected seven mantras known as Sapta Shaloki Durga. This is collection of seven mantras from Shri Durga Saptshati and is appended in the very beginning of Shri Durga Saptshati. Even the first mantra will do get back the loved one. 5. Recitation of vashikaran mantra. There are many vashikaran mantra evolved in different times by different perfect persons. One can recite which he/ she comfortable. But pronunciation in all cases of mantra should be correct and other ritual procedure should be followed. 6. Strengthening your Venus by worship ( reciting it's beeja mantra or any other mantra or stores) or by wearing diamond or by donating articles related to Venus, if it is afflicted in the chart. 7. Fifth house is the principal house of love, feelings and emotions. One must get it checked and keep it protected so that one's loved on never give him/ her pain of separation. Lord of fifth house should invariably be worshipped for this purpose. Hope it helps.

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