Article: Astrological remedies to be productive while working from home.

Astrologer Rishabh Tiwari

In the current situation of this pandemic things got really upside down many offices and MNCs are looking forward to provide their employees the Work from Home opportunities but as it seems to be very easy but it not an easy task to perform. We got kids and pets and lot of other distractions while making our home our new office. Distractions are not easy to get avoided small kids and pets are sometimes very tough to handle especially when you are a working mother who is trying to work from home peacefully.

Our planets effects our actions and activities and in order to achieve or accomplish any target or goal we need to work on it by pleasing our planets. The main planets responsible for our working or work from home environment are our 4th and 10th lords Sun and Mercury. Planet placed in 10th house makes 7th direct aspects on our 4th house so the remedies for planet in 10th house will also work for us.

General remedies for productive Work from home performance.

  1. Never use a wooden chair for seating.
  2. Always cover your computer or working device with yellow cloth or cover.
  3. Worship Lord Vishnu for peaceful working environment.

Remedies related to 4th house and 10th house can be performed in order to get productive results from work.

Remedies related to Mercury for productive Work from Home performance.

  1. Try to use Red Pen while writing.
  2. Don't consume eggs on Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Wear red cloths when working on system.
  4. Seat on North East direction when working.

Remedies for Sun in order to get desired results and impress our superiors

  1. Offer jal abhishek to Sun every Morning.
  2. Worship Lord Shiva and chant shiv chalisha.
  3. Try to avoid black color when working.

And remedy for all chant gayatri mantra atleast 11 times a day for peaceful life and progress.

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