Article: Astrological remedies to become a better driver

Astrologer Rishabh Tiwari

Vehicles and driving is a real skill which everyone is not expert off. Our planets and house sign placements develops the skills that we need to be a good and safe driver. The forth house in our birth chart represents vehicles and eight house represents accidents in astrology. And the planets like Venus bless with vehicles and Mars is the main planet which represents driving skills and accidents. Lot of people may face unnecessary accidents and harm themselves because of the ill effects of Mars. To develop a good driver skills we have to make our Venus and Mars strong. Remedies to be performed to make Venus strong in our birth chart are like. 1. Worship Godess Mahalakshmi and keep fast every Friday. 2. Try to avoid dark color cloths and bad words specially on Friday. 3. Always chant Mantra Mangalam Bhagvan Vishnu Mangalam Karunadhvaja Mangalam Kundali kaksham Mangalaye Tano Hari before driving during any emergency. 4. Avoid taking anything for free like a gift. 5. Wear light clothes use perfume and silver ornaments. 6. Offer sweets and milk to widow and little girls on every Friday to make Venus strong. These remedies can be performed to avoid any defaults in our vehicle and to make sure it works long and fine for years. Remedies to perform to make Mars strong that leads to a good and safe driver. 1. Wear Red Coral on Tuesday in Index finger in ring of silver gold or copper. Purify it with Mantra OM KRAM KREEM KROOM SAH BHOMAYA NAMAH 2. Wear red color clothes on Tuesday. 3. Before leaving for any auspicious occasion always leave house after eating gur jaggery. 4. If Mars is in Leo, Capricorn or Aquarius sign or in 6th,8th or 12th house worship lord hangman regularly by Bajrang ban, Sundar kand and Hanuman chalisa specially on Tuesday. Performing these remedies will surely help Mars and Venus to get stronger and increase our driving skills.

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