Article: Astrological remedies to convince parents for love marriage

Astrologer Milan Bhatt

Hello Friends,

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying good and sound health. This time, I am bringing a very interesting and little different topic for you to read. My this article is especially dedicated to all my love-birds friends. In my 16 years of experience in the field of astrology, I have seen many of couple with the love relationship keep struggling to convince parents and in some cases, if the parents are very hard-hearted, orthodox or stubborn with their traditions and culture then it strikes the love relationship and brings it into pathetic and unjustful end. So, in this article, I am going to mention some of the general remedial measures that may help the love-birds to convince their parents for their relationship and may be able to convert it into legal bondage of marriage.

First of all, my dear friends, when you love somebody, then it is your moral duty to fulfill all sorts of responsibilities toward the other person. It is also equivalently important to respect all the matters and all the relations of your partner. So, the first and foremost rule is to start respecting each other parents and treat them as similar to your parents. Secondly, never prompt or compel your partner to go against his/her parents. Also, if one feels that there are many misunderstandings between your partner and his/her parents, try to resolve it with the highest level of maturity and diplomacy rather than provoking it more. If one will start following this ethics in their love relationship then the below-mentioned astrological remedial measures will work for him/her in convincing the parents for his/her love relationship.

Astrologically, one should make 2nd house (the house of family), 5th house (the house of the love relationship), 7th house (the house of marital bondage), 8th house (the house of the partner's family) and 11th house (the house of success and gains) strong enough to get boost in convincing the parents for the love relationship. These all houses can be boosted by following any of the below-mentioned remedies;

1) Start visiting any Goddess temple on Friday, offer some sweet and some white Jasmine flowers with turmeric powder and Kum-Kum (the red color powder used in the puja). Pray Goddess with full of your faith and ask to bless you and help you in convincing your parents for your love relationship. 2) Feed the small girls (below 10 years) with Kheer (the sweet made of rice, milk, and sugar) for 11 Tuesdays or 11 Sundays. Donate them with some useful items for them and pray for any Goddess to bless you and help you in convincing your parents for your love relationship. 3) Start wearing Two faceted Rudraksha ( 2 Mukhi Rudraksha) after doing proper energization procedure on it.

I hope that if one will follow the abovementioned ethics with any of the remedial measures religiously then he/she will definitely be blessed by an Almighty and will get the help to convince the parents for his/her love relationship.

God bless you.

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