Article: Astrological remedies to forgive someone who has wronged you.

Astrologer Dr Ajay Sharma

If you want to forgive someone who has wronged you for this you have to understand by this all is happened with you so astrologically mainly when Jupiter and Rahu, Rahu and sun, Ketu and Mars combinations works in the horoscope then this kind of situation creates in our life so someone wrong with us but we we can just feel or we can not react properly on that time. But what we should do some remedies to forgive him or to you come in peace in our own life.

First of all we should do meditation and put the peacock feather in front of you where you will see continuously for 1 to 3 minutes. You should use Tilak of sandal and products of sandal in your lifestyle. You should put the water in silver pot in the night and next morning you should drink that water so that you will be relax inside and you will forgive someone easily without any stress or any kind of pressure.

If you know little Sanskrit then you can do the path of ganpati atharvashirsha stotra so that you can overcome all stress and issues in your life and easily you can forgive someone who has wronged you. If you can change it any mantra then you should do 1 mantra job which is in ram Raksha stotra and the mantra is Om aapdam apahartaram dataram sarv sampadam lokabhiramam Sri ramam bhuyo bhuyo namamyaham .if you will send this mantra Dell definitely your all hurdles and difficulties will resolve and you will feel relax in your life so that all soul will be same to you can forgive anyone easily. if you are feeling much stress then possibilities are strong that in your chart Rahu and Jupiter for Rahu and sun are in the same house so in that kind of situation you should feed the cow or or you should give the jaggery to cow this remedy will also help you to feel relax and definitely these all remedies will help you to to forgive someone who who has wrong with you.

These all remedies have their own positive or positive impact so you can do any remedy as per your convenience but definitely these all remedies will help you a lot to come out from this all kind of stress.

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