Article: Astrological remedies to gain weight / strength

Astrologer Milan Bhatt

Hello friends, I hope you all are enjoying good and sound health and reading all the articles with full of interest. So, this time, with immense pleasure, I am presenting you with the article on the remedial measures to gain weight/strength. A famous author and actor, Mr. Jess C Scott has mentioned that "A fit, healthy body - that is the best fashion statement". So to remain healthy and fit, one should maintain a perfect weight according to the height. There are many who blindly follow the treatment to lose weight and invite other psychological and physical hardness too with that. However, it is easy to gain weight compared to losing, but one should not lose fitness and should not turn obese. Now astrologically, how one can gain weight? that we will see today.

Astrologically, no doubt, all the planets have equal importance in any matter, but the planet Jupiter is the most effective and playing an important role in gaining weight. The planet Jupiter rules the fat level in the body. The planet Jupiter is the Satvik (Pious) in nature. So as to gain weight, one should follow the piousness religiously. To ensure that one should wake up early in the morning, should not remain awake till late at night and try to avoid sleep during the day time. After getting fresh in the morning, rather than tea or coffee, have warm milk with turmeric powder and honey, as turmeric powder and honey are under the ruling of the planet Jupiter. One should increase the consumption of Pure Ghee in the routine diet and also should increase the consumption of the yellow-colored food in the daily diet. This will help you to gain weight.

But, only gaining weight may not be the resolution. One will need to maintain fitness too and hence, one should activate the planet Mars by doing regular exercises, yoga and following proper discipline. Also, the ultimate giver of energy, the planet Sun should not be forgotten, so as to avail blessings of the planet Sun, one should either perform Surya Namskar in the morning or should give Surya-Arghya in the daily morning.

These altogether will help one gaining weight with maintaining fitness and not turning obese. I hope this article will help readers to transform their lives and will help to ensure healthy living.

(N.B.: The above-mentioned remedies are on a general level, it is highly advisable to consult the medical practitioner first and also consult your astrologer so that you will be able to get the individualized analysis on the basis on his/her chart.)

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