Article: Astrological remedies to get beautiful looks

Astrologer Subba Rao MV, Astrologer,

Om Sree Maha Ganadhi pathaye namah and Om Sree Guru bhyom namah.

This is very important topic, those who have good belief in Astrology. Beauty relates more on Facial Looks. Face includes Eyes, Nose, Teeth, Smile, Hair style and etc. Along with this skin colour, glow, brightness are also important. Other organs like hands , legs, belly, hight et c are also play a dominant role in beautiful looks. Among all these things general health also is more important.

But when we come to Astrology, all the Planets have due relationship in deciding the beautiness and its looks. Eyes for Sun, Teeth for Mercury ( Budha),. smile for moon general attraction for Venus, hair gowth for Saturn , over all health for Jupiter etc. If any planet is weak that related area will be weak.

For General speaking Moon ,Venus and Mercury are more related when it comes to beautiful looks. So Chandra graha, Sukra graha and Budha graha have to be satisfied. For Chandra graha Rice has to be donated in the temples on Mon days in white coloured cloths along with Meditation and Pranayamas. For Sukra graha which is more and more important Bobberlu, Alachandalu have to be donated on Fridays. And they have to worship Lalitha maatha, or Durga maata ... may be any diety of Female Goddess. For Eyes glow and beautiness Sun God has to be worshipped. Adithya hrudayam reading or listening in the early morning at Sun rise timings will help a lot . For Teeth Mercury (Budha graha) has to be donating Greena Grams ( Pesalu) on Wednes days, in Green cloths. Along with this Vushnu sahashra nama parayanam if followed will help a lot. More so the Natural Benefics like Guru and Sukra Grahas have to be pleased. For general health and natural looks. And also, this is a wide topic to talk about Astrological remedies for beautiful looks..

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