Article: Astrological remedies to get better matches on matrimonial sites

Astrologer Rishabh Tiwari

Greetings to all readers, Remedies to get better match on matrimonial sites depends on the placement of our lagna and its lord. 7th house its lord sign and placement of the 7th lord including the aspects. Also 12th house its lord sign and placement of the 12th house lord including the aspects. Now the reason for that is because 7th house represents our love life relationships and our spouse and married life. And our 12th house represents distance internet and connections. So when these houses form some kind of connections by aspect or by position and also by sign or lord exchange chances of getting by matrimonial sites increases. To get better match and true love on site native have to be confident and patient as well. The zodiac signs like cancer, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius like to have marriages fixed by matrimonial sites and Rahu is the planet which plays crucial role in these kind of marriages. Because Rahu represents distance internet and distance internet. Native must worship lord Shiva and Parvati and try to keep poster or any photo of Shiv and Parvati as a couple to have a blessed and peaceful married life. And consume a spoon of curd every Monday and then offer it to any street dog the remaining curd after eating to have a perfect match at any matrimonial web sites. Post pictures on profile wearing cloths of color of your 7th lord to look attractive for others. Worship and chant vishnu sahastranama every day if possible or not then do it every Friday to have blessings of lord Vishnu and Lakshmi to have long lasting and happy married life. And do follow all the remedies and also post at least one single photo on profile with holding lotus flower on hand as this will give blessings of lord Vishnu.

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