Article: Astrological remedies to get good appraisal from boss

Astrologer Acharya Sumit Ranjan

I am trying to provide some astrological remedy for having good appraisal To employee.

Fast do Surya Namaskar on daily basis it should be Rising Sun. Aur also give some water in copper vessile by adding jaggert into it stand facing the sun and chant the mantra Om hrim suryaya Namaha 11 Times .Sun is the lord of job and profession if anyone do Surya Namaskar definitely we will get appraisal in job as well as in every aspect of his life.

Second after wake up in the morning individual look at at both the palm it believe that it give health because Goddess Lakshmi decide in the palm and it also helpful in getting good appraisal and making relationship with employer.

Third offer rice to Crown on Saturday rice should be boiled rice. Crow represent Saturn which rule over profession in astrology when we serve boiled rice to crow, Lord Shani will be happy and provide good result in job and profession

Read Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjay mantra daily

For people who are facing problem in getting business or in appraisal ,promotions one should take some wooden coal from dried wood and flow it in some dirty water body for a continuous 43 days this remedy will surely help to remove unnecessary obstacles and delay faced in job as well as promotion and definitely you will get good appraisal.

Donate almond to the poor and needy especially on Saturday it also one of the astrologers cal remedies for getting success in career as well as in getting good appraisal.

Donate slippers to the very needy person . We do this then we make happy Lord Shani as we know he is a lot of job and profession in astrology once you become happy he will give good appraisal as well as promotions in our life.

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