Article: Astrological remedies to get job in foreign country

Astrologer Sunder Venkataram

The rapid advances in technology has brought the world in our pockets today. We know all about the world and more so of the developed countries like the United States mainly after the coming of the Internet into our midst. People in India look at the daily rise and fall of the stocks markets on their laptops and mobiles. The IT industry has created more jobs than any other sector in the world today. Companies in advanced countries are hiring more and more people from other places due to the cost of cheap labor and better skills. The net result of all this activity has resulted in the increase of fresh entrants into these countries to grab these high paying jobs. Today every teenager from India wants to work and live abroad. The competition is very high and the visa fees are astronomical. In such a scenario what does an eager student or adult do ? Everyone wants to go to work directly or get enrolled in a college there and get qualified for these lucrative jobs abroad. Fortunately, ancient Hindu astrology has a solution, a solution that will help every aspirant who wants to work in a foreign country...

Of all the houses in the horoscope that reveals your chances of going abroad, it is the 12th house that is most important. Study your horoscope and look for all the planets that are connected to the 12th house. Look for the planets in the 12th, the lord of the 12th, the star and sub lords of the 12th. More so, look for the planets that are in the stars of these 12th house significators. Start worshipping the deities connected to these planets. For example, for Rahu it will be Durga, for Saturn it will be Shani bhagwan, for Jupiter it will be Dakshinamoorthy and so on. Recite the mantras associated with these deities daily. The power and benefit of reciting the Durga Saptashati is immense. This set of mantras in the Durga Saptashati is enough to please Durga to give you that precious job in the foreign land. Look for Ms Anuradha Paduwal's masterly rendition of the Durga Saptashati on You Tube. People recite this mantra 1800 times daily but you can do any number at your convenience.

You can also wear the Rudraksha. This will remove the ill effects of Rahu or increase its power if it is connected to the travel houses 3, 9 and 12.

Finally you can try wearing the 'Gomedha' gemstone. This will help in reducing the malefic effects of Rahu in your horoscope. But please be careful when you buy this gemstone. Buy only from reputed dealers. A bad Gomedha stone can cause great harm to you.

Good luck and happy journey to your foreign land.. My best wishes. Thank you.

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