Article: Astrological remedies to get more followers on tiktok

Astrologer Rishabh Tiwari

Every planet plays a different role in our life, with change in position and sign a planet make us or even destroy us. Each planet in astrology have their own significance and every sign shows their personality and interest.

We have few of the most important artistic planets in our birth chart. Moon is our mind, we think we make our decisions and attach with people all because of moon. Mercury is our mood of communication and expression, agreements and potential behaviour. Then we have Venus the true God of artistic persona and glamour.

If we talk about tik tok creativity is must to attract audience and to have that artistic and creative persona we must make our Venus strong and to make Venus strong one should offer white sweets to little girls below age of 10 and wear diamond if chart supports. And if have to know that What our audience like ? What is trending on social media ? What masses want to talk about then we have to make good and fruitful decisions and to make right decision we have to make our mind our Moon strong. One can wear Pearl in silver if chart supports and worship Lord Shiva everyday and can also give surprise gifts to mother and make mother happy. Now as we have our creativity and mind strong, we have to work on our communication skills so that we are easily understandable and reachable to our audience. Mercury is responsible for that and to make Mercury strong one can Worship lord Ganesha and donate blood on Wednesday and can even wear emerald if chart supports. All these remedies can make one best content creater but to gain name, fame and fortune we cannot forget the supreme lord,the supreme power, the king of all planets yes it is Sun and to make Sun strong offer Jal Abhishek daily early morning to Sun respect and follow your father. Because without blessings of Sun any best of the best creator will never gets recognition.

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