Article: Astrological remedies to get pocket money for students ?

Astrologer Saurav Goswami

According to the Vedic Astrology Rahu, Shani, and Mercury - don't allow you to save money. These planets will make you spend money by making you think that it's all justified. Jupiter is responsible for saving money, but you may end up spending it on your family members. If Mercury is bad, then one will spend all the money that he earns and will ask for loan when the bad time comes. Rahu makes one spend money on eating out, hanging out with friends, expenditure on items that are not good for health. Shani - makes one waste money on electronics. Mercury - makes one waste money on shares and on false social status - to show off how rich they are. Remedies: For Mercury - if you're spending money too much and don't have the company of good friends; take an empty earthen pot (a very small "matki" is enough) and throw it in flowing water for 43 Wednesdays. For Rahu - makes one shop a lot; wear a blue cap/hat; donate spices on Saturdays sometimes; wear a white sandalwood which is wrapped in blue thread around your neck slightly before sunrise on a Saturday.

Some other powerful and practical remedies:-

  1. Encourage your Child for outdoor games to make Planet Mars Powerful:- In Vedic astrology, planet Mars is said to be representing some important aspects of life such as courage, confidence, audacity, forces and self-defence. Considering today’s modern and technological driven lifestyle, most of the children are confined to the indoors of the home- watching T.V or playing games on smartphone and other such things to go on. If the child is confined to the interiors of home, planet Mars is not likely to give favourable results to the child. To pacify the negative influence of Mars on your child, you may enrol them in activities like skating, basket-ball, football, cricket and any other outdoor sports. As a result the child may also become successful sportsperson in the future.
  2. The importance of Gayatri Mantra and a strong Sun :- Gayatri Mantra is known to be one of the most influential and powerful mantras since ancient times across the world. One can drastically and positively change the life and make it glorious and successful, by chanting the Gayatri Mantra daily. According to theories in Vedic astrology, if you teach the child to chant Gayatri Mantra daily, it can make the planet Sun strong to give favourable results to the child. When Sun is strong and is bestowing positive energy; success and good results will automatically be followed.
  3. Copper coin and silver bangle for Improving Moon’s influence:- If you are finding ways to improve your child’s habit of constantly lying, then one of the easiest and simplest astrological remedy would be to collect some copper coins and place them in the temple. Also, if your children have become naughty and mischievous, then you may consider gifting them a silver bangle. This is also said to be one of the effective astrological remedy to make your children more disciplined, goal oriented and various ideas for savings.
  4. Encourage Child to spend time with Elders for a strong Jupiter:- To have cultured and disciplined children is the dream of every parent. The right time to teach them to respect the elderly people would be the childhood of your children. The right foundation at the right time can be the most right virtue for the better future of your children. Therefore, it is important to teach the children the significance of respecting the elderly people to make them more cultured. Respecting the elders will make your child grow intellectually, emotionally, mentally and educationally. Teach your Child to help other for a strong Saturn:
  5. According to Vedic astrology theories, Planet Saturn is known to be the one representing Justice. It can also said to be the lord of Justice. The planet Saturn is also said to be intolerant towards any injustice done to any person. Therefore, the bad and negative influence of this planet can said to be pacified by helping the needy and poor. Teaching your child to help those who are need and the poor can be one of the simplest and easiest remedies to get rid of the negative influence of the planet Saturn.

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