Article: Astrological remedies to get rid of a alcohol hangover

Astrologer Perminder Singh

Of course this is a very relevant topic. Many families are disturbed due to this habit of alcoholic addiction of one or more of their family members particularly when they fall pray to hangover. Though in a limited way and decent manner it is not bad and many times helps in maintaining health also as per doctors advice but at the same time this ratio is negligible. Basically all sort of addictions are due to weak will power. Strong will power helps to win over many other weaknesses including the alcoholic addiction. Astrologically addiction comes under control of Rahu and Saturn. When afflicted and connected to second and fifth or Sixth house of the horoscope. Second house is mouth, tongue and taste. Fifth and Sixth house is stomach/ abdomen. Similarly natural zodiac second and fifth, sixth house rules over these organs and afflicted these sign also promote addiction of alcohol, drugs etc. Remedies include developing a strong will power which is possible with strengthening of Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. On the other hand remedies for afflicted Saturn and Rahu should also be adopted. Simplest is to recite their Beeja mantra or Vedic mantra or pauranik mantra. But again it is possible only when one had the will for it. For this purpose one should do simple Abhishek of Lord Shiva. It this Moon improves, will improves, present friend circle starts changing. Native start thinking what is wrong, what is right and only then starts Recitation of different mantras and develops a taste for meditation. Native should also recite the most simple Panchakshri mantra Namah Shivayah for 108 times daily. Native may wear Feeroza stone to strengthen will power. Visits to Shri temple every Saturday are also helpful. Offering a complete coconut fruit ( whole ) in river, canal or running water in day light time also helps to control Rahu. Practically at the time of feel of addiction, native should keep him/ herself busy to make divert the mind and should take lemon juice in place of alcohol. This business at peak times helps and modify the habit a lot.

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