Article: Astrological remedies to get rid of acne / pimples

Astrologer Sanjay Gandotra

All planets and all houses rule some or the other part of the body or internal organs. While Saturn rules bones, mars rules blood; these are just examples of broad ruler ship of planets over different body parts. A disorder, deformity or any other serious condition may be result of bad placement of or bad influences on the planet ruling that specific part.

To pacify bad influences on a particular planet/house or to minimize the effect of unfriendly placement of a planet, some ritualistic measures like propitiation or offerings related to that particular planet have to be undertaken. These measures dilute the severity of the problem to a large extent (complete freedom from the vagaries of an ill placed planet or bad influences on it can not be achieved by any means; only possibility is dilution)

Skin disorders basically occur when Sun combusts Moon, Mercury or Venus, or for that matter whenever Sun has some unfriendly relationship with these planets (even when they are not together or combust). In a more comprehensive manner it may be understood as Sun burning out vulnerable planets weakened by the influence of proximity to Sun or by a derogatory angular relationship with Sun. We all know that in normal life, the vagaries of heat and fire are resolved with water. Astrologically too Sun's bad influences can be minimized with more than usual intake of water, distribution of potable water to the needy and propitiating Sun God by giving away things/ articles related to Sun (primarily wheat and rice), in charity. Remember not to wear any stones or talismans as a comforting measure. Wearing stones or talismans will strengthen the malefic influence of Sun and the results will be contrary to expectations. Charity; giving away articles/things related to the concerned planet is the best possible way to alleviate the ill effects of planets.

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