Article: Astrological remedies to get your children to call you regularly

Astrologer Rishabh Tiwari

In this modern era of busy universe human race is self centered and care about themselves only a lot of parents suffers and are in sorrow for the behavior chances and actions they see and feel in their children. Although not all of the people are like same and ignore their parents as far planets are major concern and plays vital role in the behavioral changes in teen and after marriage young couple. Avoiding and ignoring parents and their happiness is quite common in this global age.

In our astrological chart we consider the 5th house as the house of children and its lord plays major role. Malefic planets like Rahu, ketu, Mars, Saturn and Sun sometimes if not in well placed and supported by other factors. But as there are problems solutions are also there for our 5th house we can perform remedies as per planetary placements. Remedies for malefic Rahu in 5th house are

  1. Keep a silver coin in your wallet
  2. Respect your spouse and try to avoid unwanted arguments
  3. Abstain from alcohol, non veg and any sort of drugs
  4. Worship lord Ganpati.

Remedies for malefic Ketu in 5th house are

  1. Donate milk to Hungary child
  2. Donate jaggery to white cow
  3. Do remedies related to Jupiter

Remedies related to malefic Mars in 5th house are

  1. Plant a need tree in open land
  2. Offer prayers and shradas for your ancestors
  3. Maintain a good moral character
  4. Worship lord hanuman regularly.

Remedies for malefic Saturn in 5th house are

  1. Donate salty things whenever happy
  2. Always make kheer when celebrating child's birthday
  3. Donate almonds in temple and bring half of them with you and keep it in your worship place don't consume it.

Remedies for malefic Sun in 5th house are

  1. Try to have a childbirth early after getting married
  2. Drop a few drops of mustard oil on floor daily for 43 days
  3. Always cook in eastern side of your house.

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