Article: Astrological remedies to have a good night sleep.

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Sleep is an interesting topic to learn and write about. However, my submission here is that remedial offerings are not available in Vedic Astrology, as far as my limited knowledge goes. Ayurveda and Vaastu are well connected with Astrology which can offer remedies to any Physical Disorders. Vedic Astrology is more a Diagnostic knowledge, akin to Pathology, and is limited to resolve psychosomatic reasons for Sleep Disorders through counselling and other ways. Many use Gemology as remedy.

To have a good night's sleep we will have to first understand Sleep.

Like Day and Night, Shiva and Parvati, Yin n Yang, Prakriti aur Purusha and many other symbolic reflections of Universe reflect two facets of The One. The word GuRu is also a conjoin of two separate words - Gu-meaning Darkness and Ru meaning Awakening. Such is Life, divided into two realms - of Awakening, (which most of us are wasting in indulgence) and Sleeping (unfortunately we do not value it at all and equate it merely to charging of a cell phone). Whereas, all the mysteries of Life & Existence are hidden in the state of Sleep. My Guru used to mention, that if any human being wants to understand What is all this happening (all that we absorb from our Karma-Indriyan and Gyan-Indriyan i.e. - Samsara), Where it is happening (the medium on which it is being displayed - i.e.Time & Space) and to Whom it is happening (the identity who is sensing it -i.e. I) then the answer lies in observation of Sleep, where one is at state of rest, peace and tranquility recognized as Sach Khand - the realm of truth. The Combination of these three - Rest to Body, Peace to Mind and Tranquility to Spirit would give a good sleep.

A lot of information is already available regarding the 12th house of sleep, 4th house of comforts, Moon, Saturn and Mercury. Writing the same would be repetitive thus would like to introduce a new perspective to Sleep. Any influence malefic or debilitation or combustion affect on matters & factors of of sleep can give a disorder.

Sleep is beyond Sense. Senses in Manu Smriti are defined as Organs of Sense (Gyana Indriyan)- the ear, the skin, the eyes, the tongue and the nose. Organs of Action (Karma Indriyan) the anus, the organ of generation, hands, feet and organ of speech. Manas the Mind is the 11th.
Sleep has 4 states and is symbolic of Parrley and passes through the same order of destruction of existence by dissolution of the 4 elements, starting with Earth. Here is the astrological connect :

1) Jagrat or Awakenign state, an Earthy state is prominent (when the Karma Indriyan, Gyan Indriyan, Manas and consciousness are alert and involved). The relevant astrological signifators are the 3 Earth signs -Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn represented as heavy, cold and dry and planets Venus during day & Moon at night.

2) the next being Swapan, the Watery state (the initial state of dream where Karma Indriyan are dissolved and only Gyan Indriyan, Manas and Consciousness are operative and afloat). The Astrological signifactors are the watery signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces representing cold, wet and soft and planets Venus during Day and Mars at night.

3) after this is the 3rd state of Sashupti of Fire (beyond state of dream when the Gyana Indriyan also get combust and Manas becomes inert with unconsumed consciousness). The astrological signifactors are the Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagitarius representing hot, dry and ardent and planets Sun during day and Jupiter during night.

4) and finally the state of Turya of Air (where even consciousness of existence is swept away and Manas alone is left that gets Dissociated and becomes Numb) and only I - Aham, the beholder of all this remain in the sate of Aakash - Ether. The astrological signifactors of Air signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius representing light, hot and wet and planets Saturn during Day and Mercury at night.

It is my own study that has proved correct in most charts:

  • Consider the 12th house from Lagna to decifer Sleep.
  • the 12th sign and the strength of planet placed therein, to decode the range of sleep one would be getting as per the 4 stages given above. The respective planets during day or night if afflicted, would disturb sleep at that time.
  • 12th lord is the strong indicator.
  • the sign in which the 12th lord is placed is a strong influence.
  • Consider malefic influences on all the above factors and moon the Manas.

For eg: Thula Ascendent with Venus, Ketu & Sun in Lagna and weak Moon in 12th (within 72 degrees of Sun) in Virgo Sign. Virgo is an Earth sign symbolic of the 1nd stage of Sleep and weak Manas. The native is deprived of deep sleep due to mental disturbance both during Day (affliction of Sun to Venus in lagna) and Night (weak Moon in Earth sign).

The remedy thus would be to silent the disturbed mind of the insecure native by strengthening the native's mind through knoledge assurance and practice of meditation and prayer.

There are three intermittent states in between the 4 major states of sleep thus making it a total of 7 level journey. We feel completely charged when we touch the 4th state of Turya even for few minutes in the entire night's sleep, other wise incomplete or disturbed sleep. Regularity of this incompleteness is recognized as disorder. Our vedic texts are so expansive on this subject that whole book can be written on the subject Sleep. This article would be incomplete without the reference of king Muchukunda who slept for more than 4 million years during Satayuga to wake up and meet Krisna in Dwapar, slept much more than the popular Kumbhakaran's appetite to sleep.

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