Article: Astrological remedies to improve memory

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Memory is what we store in our mind. We store what we learn, use, apply and experience. It is the store room of learning, setbacks, emotions, rise or fall, good and bad experiences, impressions, relationships, etc. and thus access to this store area for stocking and use for application of it is very essential. This whole process is termed as Memory. There can be issues with storing information in it or sometimes problems in retrieving information from this store house. We call it as retention or memory problem. It can be for various reasons - lack of concentration, lack of urge to retrieve, nervous break downs & disturbances, stress, anxiety, etc...

The correct use of it for meaningful purpose is called Application. The impression of this judicious application is termed as intelligence. Each one has different areas of application of intelligence. For a Chartered accountant his memory related to logic is important. Whereas for a Creative Director of an Advertising Agency, intelligence should have connect with Creativity.

As per astrology, Moon signifies Mind and Body, that plays the game of Intelligence with Mars as signifactor of Logic, Mercury for versatility, Venus for creativity, Jupiter for wisdom, 2nd house for learning, 5th house for Intellect. The ultimate reason for use of intellect can however be for any combination of the 4 - Dhara, Artha, Kaama or Moksha.

Lack of concentration of Mind which is majorly due to weakness in Moon, causes Concentration issues due to which one is not able to memorize. For improvement of memory focused concentrations is imperative which can be improved through correct use of Gemology. It suggests use of Pearl embedded in the silver ring to be worn on any bright Moon or on a Monday. This has been giving very good results.

To increase memory - Mercury has to be strengthened by usage of green color. Lower and upper part of the thumb if strengthened can improve memory.

A good balance of body and mind is essential for which yoga has all the answers - concentration exercises like meditation, Candle flame gazing, deep breathing, yoga asanas - Sarvangasana, Halasana, Vajra asana & Shav asana. There are other methods like sticking your tongue to the palate, acupressure of fingers several times a day,

Many people use Totkas (home remedies with lack of proven scientific reasoning) like tie up green color string in thumb, use point finger while reading, tie Apamarg & Giloye's root in neck or also eat it. These may not satisfy a scientist but are proven ways to improve memory.

Memory power is inversely proportional to the Vaat related imbalance in our body as it causes disturbance in the nervous system causing nervousness, anxiety due to which consistanct and full concentration is not able to be maintained. The Ayurvedic way is to avoid food that increases Vaata (wind) in the body, thus suggests eating churn of harad with water 2-3 times in a day and a balanced diet that supportive to this concept. Shankh Pushpi and Brahmi are well known antidotes for anxiety, lack of concentration, nervousness, lack of memory, mental disorders, insomnia, etc..

The ultimate answer to memory, however lies in its use. The more we use, the more it improves.


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