Article: Astrological remedies to learn a language

Astrologer Perminder Singh

A good topic indeed as it is now neccesity to learn ( read, write, speak) different languages for a better career and change. Some countries made mandatory to learn their language beforehand and to qualify the language test.

Astrological pointers are second house ( speech) third house ( writing) and ascendant ( will power or dedication or determination) for any language. Mercury controls clearity in speaking as well as writing skills. Jupiter rules over smooth Ness of language. Moon helps well balanced presentation as it affects mental acumen and activities fast. General remedies for masses may be mentioned for moon, Mercury, sun , Jupiter but they should be checked in the light of individual charts asay be some remedies differ from case to case. For foreign languages, role of Rahu, Saturn, Ketu and lord of twelfth house can not be overlooked. Their association with the twelfth house or fourth house points out foreign countries, travel and stay there. Lal kitab suggests Rahu in ninth and second house gives foreign connection as well as foreign language.

Mercury: Wearing of any gem stone/ sub stone (emerald etc) of mercury, reciting of any of mantras of mercury ( one of them is Om Bum Budhaya Namah).Donating whole Moong daal on Wednesday.

Jupiter: Donating gram pulse on Thursday, reciting any of mantra of Jupiter. Recitation of Shri Vishnusahastranama is good both for Mercury and Jupiter. As per Lal kitab for Rahu in ninth house, one should not take pets like goat, sheep, dog, parrot etc.

Moon: Worshipping lord Shiva by Abhishek is the best universal option. Above all one can worship Maa Saraswati for proficiency in languages . Simple mantra is Om aiyeng hreem kleeng maha Saraswatye Namah. Ya kundendu Tushar haar shawls, ya shubh vastra vets mantra can also be recited. Gyatri Mantra and Surya namaskar also help in concentration. All mantras should be listened before hand on YouTube etc or hard copy as correct Sanskrit pronunciation is primary condition for this remedy. Blessings of a guru for perfection may be sought.

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