Article: Astrological remedies to make your children spend less money

Astrologer Goonaratnam Kumar

Does your child's spending make you want to pull your hair out ??

If so ,then this article is for you !

Find out how Astrological Remedies can help you get your child's spending under control


These kids are primarily ruled by Martian Energies -- Therefore the most appropriate remedies for these kids is to encourage them to go for outdoor activities rather then allowing them to sit at home -- outdoor sports activities are very good for these kids -- Also recitation/listening of Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays is very good for these children to help them learn money handling properly


These kids are ruled by Venusian Energies -- Therefore teaching them to always dress properly & not shabbily -- improves their Venus which helps them in proper money management -- Also making these children listen to Sree Sooktam or Durga Chalisa -- is a very effective remedy to make them financially responsible


These kids are ruled by the expansive energies of the gas giant Jupiter -- A time tested remedy to teach such kids proper money management is to encourage them to spend time with the elders in the house -- especially the grandparents -- Words of Wisdom from the elders in these children's ears regarding money management can do wonders for these kids


These are the kids ruled by the prince of the zodiac -- Mercury -- Remedy for these kids is that their diet should have a good portion of green leafy vegetables + these kids should be encouraged to feed green fodder to cows on Wednesdays -- this will help develop the positive side of mercury in them which makes them very good with their spending habits


A golden remedy for such kids is to teach them that there are people in this world who are less fortunate than them -- & they must help the poor & the needy - this line of thinking balanced the energies of Saturn & helps make these kids financially prudent


Ruled by the gentle & ever wavering energies of Moon -- A simple yet very effective remedy for such kids is to make them donate some copper coins in the temple & pray to lord Krishna for sadh - buddhi -- This will help these kids have the right frame of mind & be disciplined in money matters


Royal King Planet Sun rules these kids so to balance the surya energy & to teach such kids money management -- encourage them to recite or atleast listen to Gayatri Mantra everyday or minimum atleast on Sundays -- this makes these kids strong mentally to resist overspending impulses within them

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