Article: Astrological remedies to prevent mother-in-law from interfering in your marriage.

Astrologer Nagarajan.S

Most of the world population of male and female are facing Mother-in-Law interfering in their marriage, either son or daughter both are facing their Mother-in-Law interfering unnecessary on their private life, especially Daughter-in-Laws are facing too much interfering of their mother-in-law than son-in-laws. This is the really critical situation for many newly married couples. The Daughter-in-law, who si totally new member in her in-law's house, fail to collect enough courage to speak against the atrocities of her mother-in-law. The son, on the other hand, finds it very embarrassing to speak against his own mother in the presence of his wife and other family members. The couple has to bear it silently unless the situation becomes explosive. In such cases, the relationship was adversely effected. In some cases, the excess meddling of mother-in-laws become of the cause of Divorce. In countries like India, where joint family system still persists, and newlywed couples undergo pain and mental agony in their married life. Why mother-in-laws interfering in his own son's married life? Generally, mother-in-laws thinks that she has more right on her son's life compared to his wife, since she had brought him up right from the childhood. She also thinks she will have better understanding with his son and as such she can guide him in better way even after marriage. Some mothers are very dominating and force their sons to lead their life in the manner they dictate. According to Astrology, horoscope can indicate the relationship with in-laws. In a person's horoscope chart, the 7th house is indicated the house of spouse and marriage. 4th house from the 7th house, i.e., 10th house belongs to mother-in-law. The nature of Planets posited there may be to indicate the nature of mother-in-law. Astrological reasons for trouble with in-laws because of a person's 9th, 10th & 11th houses form the Pap Katri Yoga which results problem with mother-in-law. When there is Moon & Rahu conjunction in the 10th house, then a married girl never have a cordial relationship with mother-in-law. Also, Moon-Saturn, Moon-Ketu lead to adverse effect in the kundali/horoscope. Another astrological reason for conflict with mother-in-laws, the weak Mars and Mercury affecting by Rahu & Ketu either by conjunction or aspected. So, to avoid the interfering of Mother-in-law in the marriage life, the couple, or the daughter-in-law should, can be practiced 1) Vasikaran Mantra to control the Mother-in-law interfering: "OMA KLEEMA KRISHNAAYEE NAAMAHA" . This mantra to be chanted as follows: Keep some betel leaves in front of the person who want to get rid of mother-in-law problems, chant the above Mantras consecutively for 7 days and begin with a first Friday. Then next Friday, take some vermilion and add water to it. Using this water & vermilion mixture and write the name of the mother-in-law on a leaf. Now turn the leaf over your head in the clock wise direction for 7 times, afterwards, throw it somewhere. Repeat the procedure consequently for 7 days, then see the result by herself/himself. 2) Worship Lard Ganesh & Lord Hanuman and pray for controlling the intervention of Mother-in-law, 3) This is also one of the best Vasikaran Mantra to control the Mother-in-law and to prevent interfering in marriage relationship: " Om Namo Bhavatey Soya Buddha Stambhaya Shatru Fat Swaha". Affected person should chant this slogan/Mantra for 108 times daily for 11 days continuously will bring positive changes in the behavior of Mother-in-law and also spread positive energy in the house.

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