Article: Astrological remedies to reconnect with old friend.

Astrologer Nagarajan.S

According to Vedic Astrology, the Trinity of 3rd,7th &11th houses represents relations & friends. If any planet, Saturn or Ketu signifying one of these houses and at the same time signifies the 5th,8th,10th& 12th house then the native get difficulties connecting with friends and leaves of each one. Mainly planet Saturn's characteristics are reliability, honesty, and sincerity. when Saturn is connected with the Trinity of 3rd,7th & 11th a person takes the friendship seriously. But Malefic associated with these houses especially in 11th Mercury would denote a setback in friendship. In addition to these houses and planets, all the 12 zodiac signs are considered for a person's friendship role in his life. Accordingly, Lagna is basically considered while making any major decision in life for selecting spouse, business, or profession. Whereas the Rashi or moon signs will determine how a person behaves in his life along with family & friends and what his personality will be like. So, a friend disconnect or reconnect depends on his zodiac sign of Rashi or Moon sign. Based on the chanting of each Rashi's zodiac sign's Mantra will bring back the old friend and reconnect them. when the sign transiting into the 11th house or his/her 11th lord's Maha Dasha with Antar Dasha. These mantras should chant 10008 times in 41 days. 1)Fearless Aries Rashi & Devil or Angel Scorpio ruling by Mars, Aries people do not come back after a fight or misunderstanding. Scorpion's temperments are very rough, nasty & unforgiving this is the main barrier in developing long-term relationships. If they control their martian anger and egos along with chanting the Mars mantra"OM KRAM KRIN KRON SEH BHAUMAAAYE NAMAHA" 2)Venus ruling Taurus & Libra. Taurus is one of the stubborn signs of earth difficult to say sorry to a friend. Libra tends to attract everybody. They have a withdrawn nature and may be averse to take equal onuses in a friendship. These people try to be less rigid in all they do. Tame any jealousy and instinct to possessiveness. They should chant Venus Mantra: Om Dran Drin Dron she Shukraya Namaha. 3) Mercury ruling Gemini & Virgo. Gemini people appear confident but don't have self-confidence. Virgo people are restless and nervous in the friendship. They should chant Budha Mantra" Om Bram Brim Brahm so Bhudhaya Namaha".4) Jupiter ruling Sagittarius & Pisces. Sagittarius people may promise but much deliver less but not afraid to tell it how their friendship or cross the limit with humor. Pisces are very likable and have more friends but not known how to concentrate on them. make differences. They should chant: "Om Grain Grin Gron Seh Guruve Namah". 5) Saturn ruling Capricorn & Aquarius. Capricorn people suffer if they lose their friendship. Aquarius people can't stand possessiveness and jealousy with their friends. They should chant to regain their friendship is: "Om Pram Prim Pron She Sahanicharaya Namah" 6) Sun the hottest planet ruling Leo Rashi is the dispeller of ignorance and very low confidence or sour relationship if anybody goes out from the friend's list. Leo people should chant "Om Haran Hreen Hron Seh Suryaya Namah". These people should be chant 7000 times in a span of 41 days. 7) Moon is the coolest Planet ruling Cancer Rashi. Moon is related to the functioning of Mind & Body and the People of Cancer have a good approach with their friends. If anybody goes against their wishes and hates them, they simply forgot and ignore their relationship. These people should chant " Om Shran Shrin Shron Seh Chandraya Namah" 11,000 times in 41 days.

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