Article: Astrological remedies to reunite with spouse / lover ?

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Remedies for Reunite with Spouse/ Lover:

From the 4 Aims of Life (Dharam, Artha, Kama & Moksha), KAMA refers to all legitimate sensory enjoyments, not just pleasure in the gross sense but the enjoyments natural to the right use of the senses. Loving communication and companionship is part of the fulfillment. Kama houses are three - 3rd, 7th & 11th. They are formed and maintained by Self Karma, Relationship Karma and Social Karma respectively. The 3rd is about talents, hobbies, curiosity, interest and sports; the 7th is the intensely connected with love, marriage and fulfillment of human relationship and the 11th is the house of friendship, expression, social and career gains.

Apart from these Kama needs support from the 5th house connected with romance, joy & creativity and the 12th the house of secret pleasures, hidden desires and happiness that comes from Moksha.

The relevant signs of the natural horoscope with Aries as Lagna and their lords also have affects - 3rd sign Gemini, 7th sign Libra, 11th sign Aquarius and planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Apart from the houses, Venus is the Planet of desire. Mars shows our passion to seek our goal of desire if associated with Venus, Jupiter defines our capacity to absorb the enjoyments in general while Saturn puts a limit and if Saturn's energy is mixed with Mars, the concoction would be perverted means of enjoyment. Mercury gives duality.

Any malefic afflictions to the above may cause disturbances when connected with Trik houses or signs, 6th, 8th & 12th and signs Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Apart from this the badhaks for Cardinal, fixed and dual lagna signs makes the 11th, 9th and 7th the Badhak respectively. Love has to really play it well avoiding these 6.

K-A-R-M-A is an organic and ancient companion of ours and the actions may leave its signature on various screens, only knowledgeable would know the language to read - on our horoscopes, our face, on our palms, our thoughts, our actions, our experiences, our circumstances, ... attracting the attention of the n'Gyani to interpret.

The Remedies is to stay humble and Love with no returns, Share with no expectations and Accept what is naturally coming. When we call someone our Love we are automatically that persons Love too, its that mutual. it s never being hurt alone or happy solo. Its the WE factor that overrules in Love and Relationships. Rather than planetary powers disrupting the matters of Love, the most malicious is the freely available component 'I" that ruins it all and its this 'I' when humbled is the only remedy. No Upaya of circumfer-ing trees or marrying a non human or sacrificing what we never owned or just disliked or any any such superfluous and external act can resolve a human relationship. The Mercurial remedy of sensible communication mixed with Jupiterian wisdom, Martian courage to be the first in dropping ego to self expose can certainly revive the Venusian pleasures with Saturnian Longevity.

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