Article: Astrological remedies to stop eating junk food

Astrologer Nagarajan.S

All most all processed foods such as prepacked snacks, microwave items, high salt contented canned food, refind white flower used in Bread & Bakery items, Sugar contented cereals, fried items, etc., are coming under Junk food categories which are contained a large amount of Nitrate, Sodium, chemicals, and colors. These food items lead to not only weakening our body but also increase so many health problems like cancer, heart attack, Kidney failure, obesity, blood sugar & pressure, bone Cancer, etc. Due to the faulty eating habits of the people, their bodies are severely affected. As per Vedic Astrology, Those who weak Sun put more salt in there food, weak Moon put rice, bread, juices, etc., those who weak Mars, like hot and spicy food, and use more sugar food lead to Diabetic. Weak Mercury allows eating more eggs, they suffer from weak memories and nervous disorders. Those who weak Jupiter, allows to eat besan food items, Channa Dal, fried dals related to obesity, liver problems, cancer, Jaundice, and lack support from elders. Weak Venus-like, Ghee items, yogurt, curd, lassi, etc., lead to sexual organs weakness, paralysis, stricture urethra, Stone sin bladder, or Kidneys, Cataract, lachrymal troubles, etc. Those who Saturn weakness like urad dal items, bitter and cold food & Drink, Alcohol, chewing of Tobacco leads to mouth cancer, legs & feets problems. Weak Rahu likes the same as weak Saturn along with smoking large quantities of Cigarettes, Kutka, etc., which lead to obesity like Potbellies, suffer much physically. They lack discrimination and have weak will power. The weak Ketu like to eat meat items, food items made of Paneer and Khataa Chatpatta food leads to nerves related problems. Astrological Remedies to stop eating Junk Food: To cure Junk food problems related to weak Sun do some water flow(Jal Parvaah) of wheat on Sundays, and donate wheat to the needy or nearby worship. Take five glasses of water, add 250 grams of wheat, & 250 grams Black grams or Chana, boil it to till the water reduced to 3 cups, strain and drink thrice a day once a week provide more Magnesium to health. To cure Junk food problems of Moon, use Millet, rice, and Milk on daily food habits, donate rice, milk, Jaggery, and food to needy and worship. To cure Junk food problems of Mars donate red cowpeas to needy and worship, mix the roots of the banyan tree in water and milk. Offer Chana Dal, Rice, and Jaggery to the nearby temple and donate them to the poor. Use red and yellow color grains like moong dal, tour dal, Bengal gram, Oats, etc on daily food habits. To junk food-related to Mercury, use Moon's millet on daily food routine, donate millets to needy and poor. Use Tulsi water for drinking. use Amala regularly for health. To cure junk food problems of Jupiter, a pinch paste of turmeric powder along with a pinch of Haldi into a glass of milk and drink daily at bedtime. Donate Haldi, rice, and wheat to poor on Thursdays, fasting on Thursdays, and take the only dinner with fruits and turmeric, haldi mixed milk. To cure junk food-related to Venus, eat Makhanas in any form like kheer is better. use plain cooked barley. Donate sweets to widowed women and little girls, feed cows & horses. Get blessing from mother and eldery women. To cure junk food problems of Saturn, use urad dal, turmeric, cumin, clove, black pepper, black sesame, and elachi. Pray Lord Hanuman and donate black cloths, urad dal, and sesame oil to needy and worship on Saturdays. use basil or Tulsi mixed water for drinking. To cure Junk food-related to Rahu, store water in the southwest corner of the house, use reddish and onions, Asafoetida on daily food, engage in bird feeding, wear a cap or turban in dark blue color. To cure junk food habit related to Ketu, donate sweets to orphans, black & white checked blanket to need, use honey in silver tumbler or pot. use coconut, olive oil butter, etc. Pray lord Ganesha on a daily basis before taking food. Use of drinking water: pray god before and after the food. Never drink water before 30 minutes of having food, don't drink water in the middle of eating food. Never drink water within 30 minutes after food.

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