Article: Astrological remedies to stop relatives making rude comments about you.

Astrologer Perminder Singh

This is a vast topic. A person having nature of criticising others and doing unnecessary complaints / doubts / passing unwanted comments is definitely having a bad influence of Rahu and Saturn.. we need to take steps to check their Shani and Rahu for our mental peace. For this we must have our moon strong we also need to have our main planet strong ( say any yogkarka planet and Atmakarka planet) so that he doesn't make further rudity in future. One should check one's yogkarka and Atmakarka. Experience tells that their strength sends signal/ radiation to make understand their bad habits and improve/ refrain from rudity. Coming to relative back it depends upon the house and planet representing that relative. As father is ruled by Sun and ninth house. Mother by Moon and fourth house. Brother by Mars and third or eleventh house. Wife by Venus and seventh house. Uncles by Mercury/ Mars and sixth house. Sister by Mercury and third or eleventh house. Servants / subordinates by saturn and sixth house. So when ever any house or concerned planet is afflicted, that relationship will be enemical and both parties may pass comments. Fourth house is for masses. In addition to aforesaid strength one may undertake appropriate remedial steps according to one's convenience. These includes donate foods to needy person. Wearing of gem stone and metals to strengthen the auspicious planets . Above all one should check one's JupIter regularly for its dasa sequence and transitting effects. Jupiter is well known for respect and honour. If Jupiter is favourable, no relationship/ friends etc will have a jealous towards you. It works automatically. Best remedy for Jupiter irrespective of its malefic or benefic nature is to recite Shri Vishnusahastranama daily . These are the 1000 holy pious names of lord Vishnu. A more easy and overall general remedy is worshipping Lord Shri Bhairov or Lord Shri Hanuman Ji. They get pleased easily. Shri Bajrang Baan or Shri Hanuman Chalisa is very easy to recite. Similarly Shri Bhairov Chalisa. Hope this helps. ॐ।।

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