Article: Astrological remedies to wake up on time daily

Astrologer Milan Bhatt

My Dear Friends, I, Astro Milan Bhatt, heartily appreciate your connection with us. Generally, we all find difficulties at the time of waking up in the early morning. We seek the help of an alarm or somebody else to wake us up within the early routine time daily. However, our ancestors were and our elders are seem to be quite regular in the habit of getting up early in the morning daily and that too without the help of any kind of help of a machine or any human being. How is that possible? Can we also manage to make up our psychology such a way that we can also wake up on time daily without any help or support?

Yes, definitely yes, my friends, we can also make this possible with the help of astrology and the remedial measures related to it. Let's discuss all those astro points on brief. A sleep is related to our conscious and subconscious mind and the thought process. Hence astrologically, we need to check the 1st house (the house of own self), 3rd house (the house of subconscious mind), 9th house (the house of conscious mind) and the planet Moon (the significator planet of mind and thoughts). The natives with afflicted houses (any one from above) and afflicted moon in birth chart may have problem with sleep or waking up on time. The people with mutable signs in 3rd house or the people with the conjunction or combination of Moon-Rahu, Moon-Ketu or Moon-Saturn may also suffer with the problem of waking up on time as the above combinations make a native lazy or gives the native dizzy feeling after waling up. There are certain general remedy which can be followed by any one without even checking birth chart, which will help them to get up within the prescribed time, he/she fixes. Those general remedies are as given below; (1) While going to sleep at night, knock the pillow or bed, on which you will be sleeping, for the numbers of time in accordance to the time, you would like to wake up. e.g. if you would like to wake up say at 6 am then while going to bed, knock your pillow or bed for 6 times and say help me to wake up at 6am in the morning tomorrow. (2) While going to bed at night time, hold one copper glass filled with water in both of your hands and pray that let me get up at so and so time in the morning, I'll be highly obliged and then keep that copper glass near to your pillow. (3) The natives having combinations of Moon-Rahu, Moon-Ketu or Moon-Saturn need to recite either Mahamrityunjaya Mantra or Hanuman chalisa sitting in bed only at night time and pray Lord Shiva or Lord Hanumanji to wake you up at your decided time early in the morning.

There are other remedies too, but those are very specific and individualized as per every single chart. So, if you would like to know that, kindly get connected to me @ 'Astro Milan Bhatt'. Also, if you like this article, kindly let me know your feedback, I would highly appreciate it. So, see you all in next article. Wishing you all the very best. Thank you and God bless you.

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