Article: Do hair styles have an astrological impact on life ?

Astrologer Perminder Singh

Good question in today's time of fashion and beauty. Yes, definitely hairstyles have an astrological impact on our life. The hairstyle is one of the important parts of our dressing.

Women and men have different kinds of numerous hairstyles. Women often change the style as per need of the hour. Working women have a bit different taste of hairstyle. It gives them the confidence to handle the situations and working at the workplace as it is directly linked to mental state. When hairstyles are appreciated at the workplace by the colleagues, she gets ambitious about more of different styles. It is not possible to discuss different styles and likely connection with planets but in general, an elevated hairstyle gives more of confidence as it is related to Sun.

A pony hairstyle signifies that she needs support to show her talent as hair, in this case, touches the backbone which is under control of Saturn. Saturn stands for subordinates and she needs the support of subordinates/ family members. All hairs come under flagship of Saturn. All singers have hairstyle of different category which comes under Venus and mercury. Mercury is the chief significator for skin and voice. Women use more stylish hair fashion when going to attend some function/ parties. Even an ordinary housewife in order to get a sort of confidence for that function/ party makes something different with her hair on that movement and attends the programme in a different tone. This improves her Mars, Saturn and Moon. Moon is the public appearance which a housewife occasionally face.

Different from women, the men do not change the hairstyles frequently as they are by nature controlled by Mars as far as dressing is concerned as against women who are generally governed by Moon and Venus. A man like women also develop self-confidence at the workplace with a change in hairstyle, As a man remains usually busy and has less time for changing and caring styles, their styles are few in number. Most men like army style which is hassle-free and makes a smart look. The army is under Mars so this style feels them active and energetic. Male singers and dancers have an impact on Venus on their hairstyle.

Thus hairstyles have connection with different planets and accordingly influence astrologically a native.

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