Article: Does facial hair (beard, moustache, clean-shaven etc) have an astrological impact ?

Astrologer Eswar Ganjam

Yes, Definitely It has Astrological influence on native but in different ways And not only Astrological influence but also Genes from their elders and their tradition everything Comes under this types of mindsets of an individual...

So, A ascendant of a person decides how he/she going to look like but Ascendant lord placement And aspects on ascendant lord/Ascendant Decides how he/she Looking like... It's like expectations vs reality type.. if you observe few people just wanted to look Awesome when they are already Good looking and Few people think Beard makes man So, Keeping beard makes him strong and good looking in society But actually few people just grow beard even when it's not growing fully properly Just with the love of beard... And According to ASTROLOGY

The people who born Under Gemini/Taurus/Libra and Leo Ascendants Will mostly by 90% Has Beard Love and Gemini Ascendant people maximum Get's Full Beard in early age Only-- As per Signs of moon also it can be decided, Moon being in fiery and airy signs indicates passion on Looks but this impact will be more stronger only when Conjuction with Venus or Rahu or mercury Happen in chart without any aspect from Saturn... Like this same, I'm not saying that Remaining ascendant people not interested in beard but According to current trend everyone automatically liking and styling their beards with high costs... So, Few ascendants like Sagittarius, Aquarius and cancer people wanted to look decent that's why they mostly shave as per astrology... In this present world Beard became fashion ti everyone So, Astrological influence will be Low but definitely Visible on their thinking regarding to styles So, This is my Analysis on beard and shaved people.

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