Article: How does the size / shape of fingers affect someone from astrological point of view.

Astrologer Suvendu Halder

Length and shape of your finger has different meanings ans they show a persons personality in palmistry.


Person with thick and solid thumbs may benefit from parents. They are very practical and don't spend money for unnecessary things. They have simple demands in life. They keep their promises.

Person with flat and thin thumb always has the personality opposite to the one with thick and solid thumbs. They don't like the methodical rather than quick. They are impatient and seek for enjoyment.

Person with longer thumbs indicate the relatively smooth fortune fast progress academic excellence and strong body in youth with more love and care from eldership. Confidence in career life and always desire for high quality love and life.

Person with shorter thumbs need to rely on their own efforts in youth, very practical, down to earth in career. They often buildup from nothing instead of showing wealth.


Index finger usually indicates persons desire , domination and power. Person with longer index finger always indomitable, aggressive and ambitious and it is easier for them to be in authority. If index finger is long as middle one, it is an indication that person is tough,pushing and ostentatious. Peolple of this type earn more and spend too much. Need to control their desire.

People with longer index finger usually have highers life goal stronger desire power. Good socialization and communication power. Also have strong management ability and they spend money for one they love.

People with shorter index finger are usually very jealous and they are always not convinced by one stronger than them. Sometimes they suffer from hardship in work but they are very approachable in love.


Middle finger basically signifier or persons destiny.

Person with rounder straighter and longer one is better. This kind of middle finger is suggested a good destiny and favorable results in career wealth and marriage. If middle finger is short and leans to the index finger this shows person is persistent in work, if middle finger equal to the ring finger then person obsessed in family. If middle finger unevenly thick then person is impatient and imoulsive. They need to get their emotions under control. Otherwise it's easy for them to do things which are too late to regret.

If middle finger is obviously longer well developed then person will have prosperity in business and wealth and healthy body in middle age.

If middle finger is relatively short, then it shows person is impatient in work and they often changes in job but they have stable fortune. They tend time trappted in love and care about any signs of trouble because they are deep in love.


Ring finger basically stands for love and family ties.

If ring finger leans to the middle one,then person is very responsible to the family and if ring finger leans to the little one then person pays lot attention to children.

If ring finger is longer than middle finger then it signifier of love for gambling. They prefer highly speculative financial methids, they are very happy to participate in share trading business or realstate business. In extreme situations they will randomly lose the whole property and break the bank.

People with relatively long ring finger always have unique insights and independent plans for work. They have strong sense of aesthetics aand romantic feeling for love. If person with short ring finger they orefer to down Atkins earth and steady rather than reaching for what is beyond their grasp. In love they tend to consider more about the real life. Their love is generally stable and wealth will not change radically.


Little finger is basically signifier of children and Yaounde generation.

Short and bent little finger indicates weak children and lerson has lots of worry about the children.

Also this fingers stands for wisdom. Relatively long little finger is sign Kafka strong observations, excellent eloquence, aggressive career. Strong In love as well as smooth fortune and healthy body in old age.

People with relatively shortly little fingers tend to be straight forward, honest and don't like to be fool around in work. They have stable wealth. Although they fall in love deeply, they are not good at langauge expression but very thoughtful for their loved ones.

Those are some general view about palmistry, fingerprints are also a strong signifier of your personality. For more updates please stay with this website.

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