Article: How to ensure good inheritance using astrology

Astrologer Nagarajan.S

The following aspects of a person to ensure good inheritance using Astrology. The primary purpose of the inheritance is to strengthen the family unit for which the wealth should be available to provide for the needs of a person's entire family which will help for the requirement of the daily routines of a person's family such as children's education, needs of the spouse and parents, children, and relations, development in business ventures and jobs. A person could provide a home for shelter, food to live, and clothes to wear. Good inheritance is the responsibility of the person. This can be achieved base on the placement and movement of the Planets in a person's horoscope. The Hindu Vedic Astrology considers the 2nd house as the house of accumulated wealth, and the 11th house for gains. Those lords associated with the lord of the 5th and 9th give rise to formidable Dhana/Lakshmi Yogas which is unblemished and formed by benefic Planets promise more wealth. When the Lord of the Lagna and the Lord of the 2nd together associated with the lord of 5th, 9th, and 11th Bhava or when the Lord of the 5th house associated with the lord of the 9th or 11th Bhava or when the lord of the 9th associated with the lord of the 11th Bhava will definitely occur the Dhana Yoga to a person. Saturn is the Planet of "KARMA". It controls a person's Karma and its result. The 2nd,6th, and 11th house placement of Saturn makes a person very diligent and get success in life through some adverse situation or hardships. Moreover, the Planets Venus is Lakshmi and Jupiter is Vishnu. Its donates materialistic accumulation leads to the acquisition of wealth of a person. The Lord of the Dhana Bhava in its own or exaltation sign or aspected by Jupiter makes a person liked by others, famous, wealthy and generous in a society. However, the permanent facts of wealth are different in each of the horoscopes and every planet, according to placement and power are a factor for wealth or any events in Astrology. Accordingly, each of the Planets has its own significance and each Planet are controlling different components of our life. Accordingly, the below-mentioned planets are helping to earn wealth. 1) Sun- trading in Gold, wool, weapons, wood/furniture & drugs. 2) Moon- trading of Water, dairy products, Homeo, Sidha& Ayurvedic Drugs, vision glasses. 3) Mars- Jobs of Military, all technicians 4) Mercury- Internet, Information Technology, Analysts, all type of educational and research. 5) Jupiter-Vedic scholar, Pandits, all Religious institutions. 6) Venus- Cinema, Drama, Music, Medicine, Hospitals, beauticians. 7) Saturn- Leather goods, Iron, Stone parts, Machine parts, Petroleum products, Law, Hardware, etc. 8) Raghu- Rubber business, lottery, circus, and Narcotic items, Publicity and Media works, all Government contracts, Politicians 9) Kethu- Deceit, fraudster, illusory, occultism. Raja yogas: Gaja Kesari Yoga is an important RajaYoga to be considered for determining wealth. When Jupiter in Kendra of 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th house from Moon in a horoscope, then its form this auspicious Yoga. Since Jupiter is the significator of wealth, wisdom, knowledge and fame and Moon is the significator of liquid Cash. Moon is also the significator for Stock Market earnings and loss. Vipreet Raja Yoga: 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are considered as Dusthana houses. That makes Vipreet Raja Yoga. This yoga gives a very good amount of wealth but not easy to get it. A person struggles first to get it and then enjoy the wealth. Chandra-Mangal Yoga: This Yoga indicates a person has an inherent ability to earn money due to Moon and Mars each aspecting each other or are together in a house. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are in 6th, 7th or 8th houses respectively from Lagna house, Adhi Yoga will form for wealth.

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