Article: How to ensure long life of a pet animal

Astrologer Rishabh Tiwari

Pets are great friends with human for years and generations. Survival of one species without codependency of another is species is nearly impossible for any living organisms. Pet needs little attention and care from us but in turn they surrender their life to us. All the unconditional love and protection pets provide is beyond human trust. And it is our duty to keep them healthy, happy and safe that will result in live longer. Keeping a dog as a pet is very auspicious in vedic astrology and taking care and giving love joy and attention to our tail wagging friends is very beneficial for us to make our Rahu, Ketu and shaani strong and bless us with positive results in life. A very ill placed planet may not provide positive results in life by performing remedies but remedies can surely help us to reduce or pardon the negative results it poses naturally in life.

Few remedies can be performed to ensure the longer lifespan of our pet animals. Remedies related to Shaani to increase lifespan of our pet friends.

  1. Chant bajrang ban every Saturday during day time and try to wear red cloths while chanting the bajrang ban.
  2. Offer Gud and channa to monkeys every Saturday.
  3. Offer oil on Pepal tree every saturday.

Remedies for Rahu to make sure our pets live longer.

  1. Always wear some gold on body.
  2. Every morning offer water and food to birds then start yor day.
  3. Try to avoid dard or black colors specially during festival.

Remedies that can be performed by yourself and at home is mahatrijyunja 11 mala jap. Remedies is for ketu that can be performed to make our ketu strong and give positive results.

  1. Follow remedies related to asurance of Saturn can be done for ketu also.
  2. Offer food to street dogs daily will increase life of our pets.

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