Article: How to ensure success in visa application using astrology

Astrologer Subba Rao MV, Astrologer,

Om Sree Maha Ganadhipathaye namah and Om Sree Guru bhyom namaha.

Visa and Astrology... Yes in these days it is a very good subject . Be cause after completion of Education or for prosecuting Higher studies in Abroad ....may be for joining in jobs or for further studies the latest younger generation dreams a lot about abroad and getting Visa. For this our Horoscopes should match as per Astrology. Generally in a birth chart ( Horoscope) prominently, 9 th house is said to be for higher education, for long journey is besides other houses like Lagna, 5 th 11 th etc.

Among the planets Moon, Rahu ,Ketu and Saturn are mostly related to foreign voyages or long journeys, Videshee yana Yoga. The running Mahardasha and Antardashas should support and the placement of the planets in the sai Bhavaas should co-relate. The Bhavaas or rasis should be Chara rasi ( Movable signs) or Dwiswabhava rasi. Mainly Karkataka, Vrischika or Meena rasi borns will have good chances to visit abroad. Next comes to Mithuna, Tula and Kumbha rasi borns.

If those planets were placed in those signs at the birth time and a Mahardasha or Antardasha like Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu is co related foreign chance is sure. If there is a foreign chance automatically Visa will be approved. So Moon and Saturn planets have to be pleased a lot, along with Rahu and Ketu. Pearls for Chandra and Neelam Gem stones for Saturn... wearing in the rings or Dollars around the neck., Donations to Moon planet and Sani planets ... Rice and Se same dhanya on respective days to Purohits.. Homa and Santhi for Moon and Saturn planets were said by the Maharshis in old Texts.

Showing their birth charts to a learned Astrologer and completing the remedial measures will pave the way for a success in Visa Application. This is a lengthy subject. And much is there to mention.

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