Article: How to use astrology to break up with your partner

Astrologer Dr Ajay Sharma


you asked question regarding break up with your partner so in astrology the mainly the main planet for love relationship is Venus moon and Mars also so these are supported planets for love relationship what the connectivity of rahu with these planets is a basic reason of separation so rahu is a planet which creates misunderstanding in relationships and that is the main cause of breakups mainly if the mahadasha of mass is running then the power of rahu is the main cause of breakup if the mahadasha of rahu is running then there are no strong chances for a strong relationship but the connectivity of rahu and Surya is a cause of the breakup when the Maharaja of moon is running then the antardasha of Rahul is also a cause of the breakup net net I want clear that mahadasha is the main power for decide that the person will go in love relationship or not because if the 5th House lord is running in mahadasha or antardasha then the person is able to go in any kind of personal relationship and the 7th House lord is connecting with 5th House lord then there are strong possibilities that one person will mature is love up to his marriage so he will be able to do love marriage.

Shomali in the horoscope the connectivity of Mars rahu secondary the connectivity of rahu sun third connectivity of Saturn and moon directivity of Saturn and sun the connectivity of rahu and Jupiter these some connections are the main cause of dispute or separation in love life so if the seventh house and fifth house are disturb why mass rahu and Saturn then also personal life will disturb by these negative influence.

Show astrology is a strong tool to know that this relationship will work or break if we will understand is little points which I mentioned then we can we show your that the love relationship will be healthy smooth or there will be any kind of breakup.

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