Article: How to use astrology to take revenge on your enemy

Astrologer Sunder Venkataram

All of us have enemies at some point in our lives. Some of us suffer more because other people don't want to see us being happy and successful. Some enemies do not go away for years as they cannot stand the sight of us due to jealousy or because we stand for a principle on work, religion or even sex. I remember when I was young I had enemies because they could not stand the sight of me being surrounded by good looking girlfriends all the time while they were languishing in envy and regret. They would call me handsome while they were secretly cursing me behind my back. If you are one of those unfortunate ones who has enemies who simply do not go away until they destroy your life totally, there is hope for you.

Astrology has a few solutions that can help. Here are two remedies you can try. You can do either of them and whatever is convenient to you...

  1. Take a few pieces of rusted iron nails, about half a meter of black cloth, about hundred grams of sesame seeds, some urad dal and some mustard oil. Divide the black into three pieces to make three balls of the mixture. Put some nail pieces, some sesame seeds, urad dhal and mix them finely with the oil to make three balls covered with the black cloth. Hold each cloth package firmly by tying them with a black thread. So you now have three separate packages of the mixture. Take each package by your right hand and lift it high over your head and rotate eight times. While you are doing this ritual, recite this powerful mantra "Om Sahuma Shatroo Vinashaya Namah" After you have finished this ritual with each of the packages, take the three packages and visit the nearest Shani temple and place the packages at the feet of the Shani idol. Please do not take this lightly. It will destroy your enemies in due time. Do this procedure only if you cannot put up with your enemies anymore.
  2. There is an easier method which is more traditional. Visit the nearest Hanuman temple closeby, light two two pieces of cloves or laung and allow them to burn completely. Let the ash from the cloves fall at the feet at the feet of the Hanuman idol. Take a little of the burnt ash and apply it as tilak on your forehead. This method is also very effective. It will simply remove your enemies from your life. And of course fast on Shukla Ekadasi day and wear fresh clothes soon after bath on this particular day.

There are many other methods like reciting the Baglamukhi mantra. Some people even wear a kavacham of Baglamukhi on their right hand to conquer enemies.

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